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Today feels better than yesterday!The past few weeks it had been like rain on a dull dead day and i wasn't able to get things through but now God is finally answering my prayers.I get so impatient but remember guys "A prayer on...

how great day!在这我用了what与how的转换,这是最佳转换了。

有主语和谓语的,只是省略了 What a great day it is!



What a great day we had last Sunday! (last Sunday上周末,所以have要改为过去式had) 希望对你有所帮助!


What a great day!

小题1:D小题2:C小题3:C小题4:D 试题分析:小题1:根据Four of his soldiers put up their hands. They want to answer the question.可知选D。小题2:根据he first man is youngerst, and he is not strong. He says, “My gun is the strongest ....

C 试题分析:考查感叹句。感叹句用what和how引导,what修饰名词,how修饰形容词,how后紧接形容词或副词,不与冠词连用;当名词是可数名词时,用what a引导感叹句,本句的fine修饰可数名词day,中心词还是名词day,排除B、D;day可数,故选C。

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